EMT and Emergency works cruise ships

While EMT training you can get a wide range of employment, employment sectors, boat lines, not one of them. This does not mean if a cruise can be left without medical aid or emergency medical care. Cruise lines usually for nurses and doctors. There is little need to employ an EMT paramedic or EMT, as most ships are fully equipped to deal with most medical emergency or situation. Do not forget EMT and paramedic training offer professional training normally reserved for "first responders", which is a basic emergency care, if the medical equipment is often not available.

Each cruise is very different, not only is that the cruise line is running, but because many ships flagged to other countries. Many countries have no idea of ​​the amount of EMT training and EMT paramedic training go on to become certified as an EMT or paramedic. It is a completely different definition of knowledge in many countries and also in medical training and the medical ability of those skilled emergency services. I personally have an uncle who is a diabetic incident on board a cruise. The understanding of emergency medical care, and that the doctors were aboard each other. It was not the "first responder" EMT or paramedic is available. However, if the status of a staff member understood the cruise, the ship he was put in immediately & # 39; and health care facilities and, where appropriate care. The only real difference was not EMT trained personnel who responded immediately see safely in the healthcare facility where it & # 39; d be cared for. his wife, my aunt, and the staff did not stay.

This does not mean that a person EMT training does not have any chance to work for a cruise line have to have the desire. Many cruise lines to pick up contract work, employ trained paramedic and EMT ambulance. Their role is to board and dismiss techniques such as ACLS (advanced cardiac life support), friends (children's resuscitation) and BLS (BLS) to the medical staff and re-train or re-confirm the number of staff and the staff of the CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED use (automated external defibrillator).

In addition, the majority of cruise lines you want and apply the nurses and doctors. There is a large amount of organizations who hire EMT training and EMT paramedic training, and you may want to look elsewhere. If you want to go on a cruise, and is looking to work their way on board, bypass to the idea of ​​paying full price and go enjoy the cruise.

One final note: Occasionally Cruise Lines makes promotions, including discounted prices for special cruises to a unique selection of prospective customers. Often these deals only to clients who are active, retired or volunteer EMT EMTs or paramedics. All you have to do is present an ID badge and a copy of the driver & # EMT or EMT training certificates 39; s license at time of booking and you will be entitled to an exclusive discount price.

Source by Linda Dahl

the car rental industry

Market Overview

The car rental industry is a multi billion dollar industry in the US economy. The US segment of the industry average of about $ 18500000000 a year income. Today, there are about 1.9 million rental vehicles that service the US segment of the market. In addition, many rental agencies in addition to industry leaders that share of the total revenue, ie dollar-saving, low cost and Vanguard. Unlike other mature service industry, the car rental industry is highly consolidated potential new entrants which is of course a cost disadvantage because they face high input costs decreased possibility of economies of scale. In fact, most of the profit generated by the several companies, including Enterprise, Hertz and Avis. The financial year 2004 Enterprise generated $ 7.4 billion in total revenue. Hertz came in second position for about $ 5200000000 $ 2.97 and revenue of Avis.

The level of integration

The rental car industry is facing a totally different environment than five years ago. According to Business Travel News, leased vehicles, until they accumulate 20,000 to 30,000 miles, until they are pushed into the background in the automotive industry speed was used as the mileage of 12,000 miles to 15,000 five years ago. Because of the slow growth of the industry and the slim profits, there is no immediate threat to backward integration in the industry. In fact, among the industry players only Hertz is vertically integrated through Ford.



There are many factors that shape the competitive landscape of the car rental industry. Competitors are two main sources of the chain. The holiday consumer & # 39; s extreme, competition is fierce not only because the market is saturated and well guarded industry leader Enterprise, but competitors operating cost disadvantage with smaller market shares since Enterprise set up more than 90 percent of a network of dealers in the leisure segment. In the corporate segment, on the other hand, the competition is very strong at the airports, as this segment during the close supervision Hertz. As the industry has a huge economic downfall in recent years, it has upgraded the scale of competition in most of the companies that survived. Competitively speaking, the rental car industry into a war zone, like most rental agencies including Enterprise, Hertz and Avis are the big players in the battle of the fittest.


Over the past five years, most companies have been working to enhance fleet size and increase profitability. Enterprise is currently the company's largest fleet in the US is 75,000 vehicles to its fleet since 2002, which helps to increase the number of facilities in 170 airports. Hertz, on the other hand, we have added 25,000 vehicles and expand its international presence in 150 counties, compared to 140 in 2002 In addition, Avis fleet has increased 210,000 in 2002 to 220,000 despite recent economic adversity. In the years following the economic downturn, although most companies in the industry is struggling, Enterprise among the industry leaders also continues to grow. For example, the annual sales revenue reached $ 6.3 2001 $ 6.5 2002 $ 6.9 billion in 2003 and $ 7.4 in 2004 which translated into a growth rate of 7.2 percent per year over the past four years. Since 2002, the industry began to regain its footing in the sector's overall sales increased to $ 17.9 billion from $ 18.2 billion in 2003, according to industry analysts, to better days in the rental car industry is yet to come. During the next few years, each year the industry experienced accelerated growth is expected to be $ 20890000000 after 2008 ", which corresponds to a CAGR of 2.7% [increase] for the period 2003-2008."


In recent years, the rental car industry has made great progress in order to facilitate the distribution process. Today, approximately 19,000 rental locations so that approximately 1.9 million rental cars in the US. Given the increasingly abundant number of car rental locations in the US, strategic and tactical approach to be taken into consideration in order to ensure the proper distribution of the entire industry. It takes place in two interrelated segments within Distribution. In the corporate market, the cars apart Airport and the hotel's surroundings. The leisure segment, on the other hand, cars are facilities owned by the agency that distributed comfortably within the major roads and in large urban areas.

In the past, the leaders of car rental companies used to rely on gut feelings and intuitive guesses to make decisions about how many cars there are in a particular fleet or the utilization and performance standards serve to some cars in a fleet. With this methodology, it was very difficult to maintain a level of balance that meets consumer demand and the appropriate level of profitability. The allocation process is quite simple throughout the industry. To begin with, managers must determine the number of cars that must inventory each day. Since it is very noticeable problem arises when too many or too few cars available, most car rental companies, including Hertz, Avis and Enterprise, a "pool" that is shared by a group of independent equipment rental fleet. Basically, instead of swimming pools, car rental locations operate more efficiently by reducing the risk of low inventory, if not eliminate rental car shortages.

market segmentation

Most of the companies in the chain, the profit-based types of cars are rented. A hire car can be divided into economy, compact, intermediate, premium and luxury. Among the five categories, the economic sphere yields the most profit. For example, the economic segment alone is responsible for 37.7 percent of total market revenue in 2004. In addition, the compact segment accounted for 32.3 percent of total revenue. The rest, the other category includes the remaining 30 percent of the US segment.

historical levels of profitability

The overall profitability of the car rental industry has been shrinking in recent years. Over the past five years, the industry has been struggling like the rest of the travel industry. The fact that experienced in 2001 and 2003, the US market is a moderate decrease in profitability. Specifically, revenues fell to $ 19.4 billion in 2000 to $ 18.2 billion in 2001. Subsequently, the overall industry revenue eroded further to $ 17.9 billion in 2002; an amount that is higher than the minimum $ 17700000000, which is the total revenue in 2003, the industry barely noticeable brings growth $ 18.2 billion profit in 1999. As a result of the economic downturn in recent years, some of the smaller players were highly dependent on the airlines have a large shifts in strategy as a way of preparing the company to cope with the possible economic disasters that surround the industry. For the year 2004, on the other hand, the economic situation, most companies gradually improved throughout the industry, as most rental agencies have returned compared to much higher profits anterior years. For example, Enterprise earned revenues of $ 7400000000; Hertz and Avis returned revenues of $ 5200000000 $ 2.9 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2004, according to industry analysts, the car rental industry is expected to experience continued growth in revenue of 2.6 percent over the next few years, which translates into an increase in profit.

competition for sellers

There are many factors that drive competition in the car rental industry. In the past few years, expanding the fleet size and increasing profitability has been the focus of most companies in the car rental industry. Between Enterprise, Hertz and Avis are also becoming leaders in both sales and fleet size. In addition, competition intensifies as firms are constantly trying to improve the current conditions and offer more to consumers. Enterprise has nearly doubled its fleet size since 1993 to about 600,000 cars today. As the industry continuously such tight profit margins, price competition is not a factor; However, most companies are actively involved in value creation and a range of amenities that technological gadgets to satisfy customers even free rent. Hertz, for example, integrates the context of unprecedented GPS systems for cars. Enterprise, on the other hand, sophisticated yield management software to manage the fleet.

Finally, Avis uses the OnStar system Skynet and better serve the customer base, and a free weekend rental if a customer rents a car for five consecutive days in addition to the rental car industry customer base is relatively low to no switching costs. Conversely, rental agencies are faced with high fixed operating costs, including the lease of property, insurance and maintenance. Consequently, rental agencies are sensitively prices for rental cars only to recover operating costs, and adequately meet the needs of clients. In addition, since the industry slow growth in recent years of economic stagnation, which resulted in a significant reduction in both corporate travel and leisure sector, most companies, including industry leaders aggressively trying to position companies to gradually lower dependence level in the airline industry and regained from under their feet the ground, leisure competitive arena.

Potential new competitors

access to the car rental industry makes it a serious disadvantage to new entrants. In the past few years, following the economic downturn in 2001, most of the major rental companies have started increasing their market share in the vacation industry as a way of ensuring stability and reduce the level of dependence on the airline and the car rental industry. Although this trend has led to long-term success of existing companies, this has intensified the competitive landscape for new entrants. Due to the severity of competition, existing companies like Enterprise, Hertz and Avis carefully monitor the competitive radars to Sharpe retaliatory strikes against the advance of new entrants. further complicated by the entry is created because of the saturation level of the industry.

For example, Enterprise took the first-mover advantage in 6000 of leisure facilities is saturated segment, thereby not only high restrictions are the most common distribution channels, but also large resource requirements for new businesses. Today, an Enterprise rental location 15 miles of 90 percent of the US population. As the network of dealers Enterprise has established the nation as a whole, it has become relatively stable, more evidence of recession and, most importantly, with less reliance on the airline industry compared to its competitors. Hertz, on the other hand, is taking advantage of the full spectrum of stores in 7200 to ensure a place in the market. Basically, the appearance of most of the industry leaders in the leisure market is driven not only competition, but also that is directly related to the complexity of entering the rental car industry.

The threat of substitutes

There are many substitutes for the car rental industry. In technical terms, we rented a car to go the distance after a less attractive alternative, as opposed to video conferencing, virtual teams and collaboration software, which the company immediately set up an appointment for employees anywhere in the world at a cheaper price. In addition, there are other alternatives, including a taxi, which can replace the switch with respect to the quality and cost, but it can not be priced as a rental car during the day, or more. While public transport is the most cost-effective alternatives to the costly process in terms of the time it takes to reach a & # 39; s goal. Finally, because the flying comfort, speed and performance, it can be a very tempting; However, this is an attractive alternative to the price of renting a car. The business segment, car rental companies substitute more protection because many companies have implemented travel policies that define the parameters for when renting a car or a replacement is the best thing you can do.

According to Tracy Esch, director of marketing operations Advantage, she hires a car before even considering an alternative 200-mile journey. Basically, the threat of substitutes is rather low in the car rental industry, as the impact of substitute products do not pose a significant risk to erosion of profit throughout the industry.

bargaining power Suppliers

Conveyor low power the car rental industry. Since the availability of substitutes and the level of competition, the suppliers do not have much influence on the conditions of supply of rental cars. Because rental cars are usually bought in bulk, the terms of rental car sales agents major influence, as have the ability to play one supplier against another to lower the sales price. Another factor that reduces the cost of the change of supplier power there. That is, buyers do not affect the purchase of one service over another, and most importantly, changing the various suppliers & # 39; s products are hardly noticeable and does not affect the customer & # 39; and hiring decisions.

The bargaining power of buyers

However, the leisure sector has little or no power, the business segment has a significant amount of influence in the car rental industry. An interesting trend that is ongoing throughout the industry forcing car rental companies to adapt to the needs of corporate travelers. This trend significantly reduces supplier power or the rental companies & # 39; power and increases corporate buyer power since the business segment excruciatingly price sensitive, knowledgeable of the industry & # 39; s price structure, buying in larger quantities and use the internet to force lower prices. Vacation buyers, on the other hand, have less influence over lease terms. Since the holiday is generally less sensitive to price, buying in smaller quantities, or buy less often, their weak bargaining position.

Five Forces

Today the car rental industry is facing a totally different environment than five years ago. Competitively speaking, the revolution of the five forces surrounded the car rental industry exerts some strong economic pressures significantly tarnished the competitive attractiveness of the industry. As a result of the economic downturn in recent years many companies went under namely Budget and the Vanguard Group because the business infrastructure succumbed to the unsustainability of the competitive environment. Today, very few companies, including Enterprise, Hertz and Avis return a slightly above-average income than the rest of the industry. Contemplating the car rental sector is not very attractive industry because of the level of competition, entry barriers and fierce competition in the replacement companies.

Strategic Group Mapping

The moderately concentrated sector, a clear hierarchy in the car rental industry. From an economic perspective, there are huge differences in the number of dimensions, including revenue, fleet size and market size of each company in the market. For example, the company dominates the industry with a fleet size of about 600,000 vehicles the size and profitability of the market. Hertz is the second in line for more market share and fleet volume. In addition, Avis third location on a map. Avis is one of among the companies that have problems before revenue margins recovery of the economic downturn. For example, in 2000 Avis returned revenues of approximately $ 4230000000th During the next few years, in 2000 the revenue Avis has been significantly lower than in 2000 as a way to reduce uncertainty most companies are gradually reduce the level depends on the airline industry leisure and emerging markets. This trend can not be in the interest of Hertz since its business strategy is intricately linked to the airport.

key to success

Many of the most important success factors that drive the profitability of the car rental industry. Capacity utilization is one factor that determines the success of the industry. For rental firms experience loss of revenue, if any, or too few, or too many cars are much, it is very important to effectively manage the fleet. This success factor is a major force in the industry, as it reduces, if not eliminates any running short on rental cars. Efficient distribution is another factor that keeps the industry profitable. Despite the positive relationship between fleet size and profitability, companies are continually increasing the size of the fleet, because market forces surrounded to him. In addition, for the convenience of one of the key attributes that consumers select rental companies. That is, consumers are more inclined to hire cars from car rental companies that rent and convenient drop off locations. Another important success factor that is common to the competing companies in the integration of technology in business processes. The technology, for example, the car rental companies to create a way to meet customer demand for renting a car is a very pleasant ordeal by adding the convenience of online rental among other alternatives. Furthermore, while companies integrated navigation system for roadside assistance to customers piece of mind when renting cars.

Industrial attractiveness of

There are many factors that affect the attractiveness of the car rental industry. Because the industry is moderately concentrated, to the detriment for new market entrants. This means that at low concentrations is entering a natural barrier to the industry, as it allows a pre-existing company against sharp reprisals, the new entrants. Because of the associated risks are to the industry, among other factors, this is not a very attractive sector of the market. A competitive point of view, 90 percent of the leisure market is saturated because of active efforts to dominate the industry in the Enterprise market. On the other hand, the heavily guarded airport terminals Hertz. Contemplating entry in the industry offers low profitability compared with the costs and risks. Most buyers are key determinants in choosing the company over another price and convenience. For this reason, rental companies are very careful adjusting their rates, in general, force is still the main players in the industry's position that consumers prefer less, just to remain competitive. Hertz, for example, Internet-only wireless clients to add more convenience to your travel plans. Avis on the other hand, free weekend specials when a customer rents a car for five consecutive weekdays. Based on the effects of the five forces, the car rental sector is not very attractive for potential new operators in the industry.


state of the rental car industry is in a recovery. Although it may seem like the industry is performing well financially, however, that gradually regains its footing relative to the actual economic situation of the past five years. In addition to looking for a way of ensuring the profitability and stability of the market share, most companies in the chain have a common goal to deal with reducing the level of dependence on their way to the airlines for leisure segment. This state of motion brought some fierce competition among industry rivals are trying to protect their market share. A futuristic point of view, the better days of the car rental industry is yet to come. Since profitability increases, I believe that the majority of industry leaders, including mobility of limited company, Hertz and Avis will be by economic and competitive barriers to strategic groups and new arrivals will have a better chance of achieving success in infiltrating and car rental industry.


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Source by Rodrigue Monestime

The advantages of staying in Motel

We have all heard all the bad publicity that they get motels these days. Apart from complaints about them, unclean, smelly sometimes, and often affected by pests, the safety of our guests is always a concern. Some motel rooms being turned into meth labs and highly publicized incidents of burglary, robbery, and other crimes motel rooms in various parts of the country, travelers often anxious when faced with the prospect of checking in at a motel.

However, these events, while true, does not reflect the overall condition of staying in a motel. It gave birth to Hollywood suspense thriller, and especially horror movies, urban legends, these are mostly to – urban legends – and do not really outweigh the benefits of staying in a motel. Below are some of the benefits of choosing a motel in any other hotel, while the rest

Motel prices are generally cheaper than the price of a hotel room accommodations . If your budget travelers and all you need is a hotel for a place to sleep, I motels perfect place for you. You get to stretch your dollar in other meaningful activities while on vacation.

Motels are smaller and more comfortable facilities. Compared to the smaller room hotels, they are usually more quiet place to stay. And because of fewer visitors, the staff can provide more personalized service to every guest.

The motel is usually very accessible than the hotels where you have to enter a lobby, walk through endless corridors and ride the elevator before you finally get to your room. Some motel rooms also open their own garage, which allows easy access to the vehicle and take care of her bedroom window.

Until I find expensive shampoos and other "ritzy" thing, most motels have a coffee and tea maker, and a refrigerator that you can use during your stay. This allows you to save on food spending while on vacation.

While not every motel allows pets in the house, most do not. This allows under the pet-friendly with you on vacation.

all these benefits, there is no reason why you should think twice about staying in motel while on vacation. As long as you exercise caution and selecting the right motel, you can enjoy all the benefits without all the disadvantages mentioned above.

Source by Bruce Wagon

How Cruise Ships that fresh water

Modern cruise ships are insatiable thirst for fresh water. Some of today & # 39; s largest cruise ships like the Grand Princess, use more than 260,000 gallons of fresh water per day. Instead, try this water boarding port or rely on local ports, the latest state-of-the-art cruise ships to transform salty seawater with fresh water method known as desalination.

The desalination process using a cruise ship or flash evaporators or osmosis. Flash evaporators boil sea water and re-condense the steam vapor to produce fresh drinking water. This method is similar to the natural water cycle, where the sea water is heated by the sun, the steam rises to the clouds, and then falls back to earth in rain. The second method, osmosis filters sea water through a fine membrane separating pure water from the salt and other minerals. Seagoing vessels not desalinate water near ports or land, because of the most polluted coastal waters.

After desalination, the water is passed through a mineralization plant that increases of minerals. This is necessary because the healthy minerals naturally found in drinking water have been removed by desalting. At this stage, water is also checked dirt, peeled, and the pH adjusted. The water is then sent massive containers on board the ship. The Grand Princess, such as storage tanks hold up to 500,000 liters of fresh water.

Then, the water is directed to hot and cold systems. Miles of rail moves the water around the boat. to be closed again

After a shower or sink is transported through the water, and is used by passengers or crew of the ship, you have to deal with before. All cruise ships should follow strict environmental laws in wastewater treatment. Even after treatment, the water is not immediately released, but keep in special tanks when the ship close to the ground in a port, or other sensitive environments.

It & # 39; s is a complex process, but necessary in order to cruise ship passengers in health and the natural environment.

something to think about next time choose a cruise

Source by David Wisehart

The eight car rental benefits

AUTO is a popular way of providing transportation for a long journey to travel convenience. The concept car has been brought about by the development of a business car. Many car rental companies to choose from, especially that of online discounts, low price and the best package deals. All you need to know to compare car hire quotes, analyze them properly and go for the best.

But as the advantages and disadvantages of car services. And listed below are some of the advantages of the rental car.

First, it is ideal to rent a car for a long journey. This will grow old before their time car. Remember that even the best-maintained car suddenly malfunction.

Second, it would be more expensive to rent a car, but if it were not putting the wear or mileage in their car.

Third, the rental car is useful if you are traveling to mountainous areas would require the acceleration of heavy loads go up, and require heavy brakes. You can put the hard miles on the rental car instead of their own cars.

Fourth, you have many options on how to select a car, and you can select a car that meets the current trip. It also allows a greater good look at something other than what you normally drive.

Fifth, you can find car rental companies in almost every corner of the world to give you the opportunity to just explore the world for the better.

Sixth, renting a car will be cheaper to travel by air. This is very true if you are traveling with a large family or group. The cost of the car rental can be the equivalent of a flight so hiring a car for a family provides significant savings can be spent on a vacation.

The seventh, a car hire comfort of driving where you want and when you want. This saves time when traveling. It will also have an opportunity to visit a place she had never seen. Car Companies with a global positioning system that monitors the motion, allowing you to roam wherever you want.

Eight, hiring a car allows you to travel in their own pace, time and convenience. You can stop wherever you are, to the same place for leisure. It also allows you to pack the kind of food you want, stop when you want to stretch or take a break. In a rented car, that is, you are in control and not to give up on the delays, which are common to the train or bus travel.

Convenience, comfort, saving energy and money, it will make other travel options above car. This, plus the benefits listed above, you do not have to think twice to avail of a car rental service.

Source by Norman Smith

Is It Dangerous Vacation cruise through the Bermuda Triangle?

Wow. What, according to the title – mixing danger and intrigue, a cruise vacation? Well, I think somebody needs to answer the question, so …

Where do I start?

Well, let & # 39; and at first some information about the location of the Bermuda Triangle. As one might guess that there is some overdue island of Bermuda. In fact, there are various theories on the location of the Bermuda Triangle.

will take place in the area between the generally accepted Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami For our purposes. Draw a line on the map of Bermuda and Puerto Rico to Miami and Bermuda, and is what many accept as the Bermuda Triangle.

Have no doubt heard of the mysterious disappearances in the area of ​​"Devil & # 39; s triangle", as they are sometimes called. Ships and planes vanishing trace. Navigational instruments went crazy … It & # 39; and wonder how you go through the area at all!

Yet each year countless sail the waters of the triangle. Airplanes fly over their own trans-Atlantic flights to the southeastern US to Europe, Asia and Africa.

What Cruises?

So what cruises? There are actually traveling travels through the triangle?

Believe it or not, almost all ships that travel the east coast of the United States of America or the Caribbean sails to the Bermuda Triangle. (Some cruises out of Miami may not be sufficient in most areas if you travel to the western Caribbean. But come on or near a triangular tip.)


Have there been any reported on board cruise ships traveling these waters ? Was there confusion? Have there been any problems?

I have not been able to meet a reported incident aboard cruise ships in waters between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico that can not be accounted for. Some incidents occurred in weather, but those who were related to storms in the region.

Storm Hazards in the Bermuda Triangle

As mentioned events were related to the weather. All cruise against any water are exposed to the weather especially in the hurricane season in the Caribbean, where the reported incident occurred.

So no matter when you sail when sailing cause more danger than the actual location as well. Cruise ships today are able to identify the dangerous waters, the captains of the authorities to avoid stormy weather. There are back-up plans for these events cruises seasonal storm.

So How dangerous is it?

How dangerous to sail in the Bermuda Triangle? Let me ask you the following questions:

How many people have heard the news that die in car accidents? On the street? Riding a bike?

Now that you've heard a lot of unnatural deaths cruise ships in the water in the Bermuda Triangle?

Every death on a cruise ship almost international news. A traffic accident, only to hear the locals.

This is much more dangerous to walk on a busy street than it is to cruise in the Bermuda Triangle.

Source by Brian Schmidt

Car Rental – How to choose the best car rental company

When on vacation, the best way to explore the city or countryside by car. This allows free places at your own convenience and time you want to visit. But to make this a pleasant experience, it is important that you get a car rental company the best. You have to concentrate to get the best deal, as well as the appropriate vehicle travel.

Here are some tips to guide in making the right selection of car rental

Getting the best deal for your money refers to the car as well. Go through the ads and online websites and pick out 3-5 car rental companies. For comparison performed by the costs and offer the services of these companies before making a final selection. Remember to read the fine print; Companies most often cite a figure hidden charges. So that the amount quoted includes all fees, to avoid nasty surprises later.

Instead of just relying on the information available to the company & # 39; s website, make sure to call the customer service executive before finalizing the deal. This way, you will be able to collect additional data on the costs of the services offered, model, and vehicle availability and the special offers and discounts. A phone call will be able to clarify all the doubts and questions; The support provided will also give you a clue as regards the car rental company.

It is also important to clarify the extra charges incurred before-hand services. Some car rental companies across the roof of the drop-off service if the target is different from the pick-up point. Make sure that these before the contract is signed. Other services, which tend to be paid, including separate roadside assistance. This is an important feature especially if the elderly person traveling with you. So, find out the cost of preparation and signing of the Agreement should be.

Interest insurance offered by the rental car company. In general, personal insurance is more than enough to cover the rental car as well. But it is important to talk with your insurance agent before payment of the costs charged by the major insurers rental company. Keeping these tips in mind will help you book the right vehicle for a trip that fits within your budget.

Source by Rizvana Abdul

Factors that influence the choice of hotel accommodation

traveling is a way of life in this busy world, and every time I travel to the city of residence, you need a place to stay in the new city. Obviously, this form of hotel accommodation and hotels because of different selection that suits your needs the best way possible is a must. Although time-consuming task of picking the right hotel is truly rewarding because it is the only factor that can make or break your stay.

A variety of factors influence Book a room in a hotel, the key is to have a budget. Wisdom decries that the traveler must first ascertain the amount that would be willing to spend on accommodation, then start the search. This not only shortens the search, but you can compare the various properties within the same range. As a result, the identification of the best possible deal would be really easy, and you will be able to enjoy the ride without getting nagged after a feeling fleeced.

Another factor that affects the choice of suitable accommodation to the place and it is always better to choose a hotel that is closer the purpose of the trip. Let's say that your goal is to use a conference, you have to choose a hotel that is close to the conference hall. Similarly, if you intend to shop till you drop dead, you need to choose a property that is located in shopping malls and plazas with respect to a central location. In addition to cutting down the time spent traveling, which greatly reduced the travel expenses.

Next you need to do in-depth investigations related to the standard of the hotel and amenities provided to the customers. Some of the basic facilities that are a must-have 24-hour room service, laundry facilities and Wi-Fi. In addition, if there are other amenities such as a pool, spa and gym, you can look forward to spending a portion of their time engaged in leisure activities. The inclusion of food and shuttle service to the airport is also inquired after him.

Many of these key factors can be checked on the Internet, whereas in most hotels these days to maintain a prominent presence website. Therefore, if your date of arrival and departure is finalized, it is just a matter of indulging in research, and so instead of a traditional method of tracking online booking through a travel agent.

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Who Sea as a dealer on a Cruise Ship

out to sea to a dealer on a cruise ship, exciting and drilling bits that you need to consider when taking this big step in life.

Now, of course, heard all these exciting stories of friends or colleagues casino, a cruise ship merchant. Maybe we attract to save tons of money, or simply a great party lifestyle, or to travel the world. One of those things listed in the previous calls us out like this little voice in our heads that we may want to go this route in life and go to sea on a cruise ship.

during his time as a trader is always someone that made the ship or friends. This question is of course the wonderful world of casinos earth, and all that good word of mouth, wherever this lovely world, like England, South Africa or the rest of the world.

Steps to take this action to be a merchant ship.

Of course, there is the first step in deciding not to want to take action and contact a recruitment agency in the country of origin. Yes, I usually have to do with the infamous table test, which is a part of life in casinos, so you do not pull a fast one on them and to actually, physically and mentally to see that you are able to handle all the game you said you can. As well as dealing with actually getting the Black Jack Roulette payments to the right or to the bet, knowing the Craps winnings and no payout for other games managed.

First board the ship

Now, once aboard the magnificent ship, another world awaits you. You can usually start working that night, if not very lucky and night. Yes, you get shown the ropes and gets the first live game as the dealer. The butterflies in the tummy probably is crazy, but as with all things, once you get over that first on the table. It's like going on stage, if you have stage fright, now that you & # 39; s all gone, and you're done, just put a smile on your face and get on with the rest of the night. These players will be paid for the cruise ship to cruise and want to have fun, so to talk, have fun, to laugh with them, and you can make some jockeys as well.

a cruise ship there are lots of safety training to get through and some other on-board training, but like everything is moving very quickly, so you just get to it, and trader. The first week is always a nightmare, but do not fly, and of course all very early in the morning and work late at night, you just have to get through the grueling first week will be light at the end of the tunnel.

usually do not have and hour or more on the tables, you can get a 20 minute break, depending on the ship's rules, you can not go to the cabin, go to the store, a quick look at the shows or just the cold . This is the time to take a break to relax your mind and ready for the next stint on the tables.

The fun times to be a trader even aboard a cruise ship.

Now, after work, when he finished the night there are always parties, staff parties, staff or bar staff though, if you want to have a social life, it's all there. Casino staff do not want to party and drink, but do not forget, if the original goal was to make the world not to forget that the partying until morning will end up sleeping on the contract with the board. You will find that at the end of the contract, the first time it will not save a penny, drank all the money out the window, asleep in the contract. It is all about moderation, you can have a few, but still manage to land in the port and see all these amazing places, where the ship docks. Then there is always a strong day before work and you very well is that I have this luxury boat dealer. It's all about having fun and moderation, or know when to sleep before work. This two only learn how to manage your time.

In order for a casino job you need a cruise ships have a few years of casino experience behind craps dealers or cubes are always in demand, cashiers usually works in a bank, or a necessary change in office apply for a cruise job. Some companies recommend that this path the ship's work, why do not I'm sure something gets done diploma cruise ship jobs. In other countries, apply to a rental agent or Royal Caribbean cruise line you want to be used. Casinos cruise ship casino concessions there used to be, but is not around a lot, especially the smaller boats in the Mediterranean Sea, most cruise lines run there own casinos nowadays.

Some of the requirements dealer jobs on ships

  1. Proof Gaming Board and / or dealer or an international school equivalency approved by the Commission.
  2. Two years experience dealing blackjack dealer, Dice, American Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker and other casino games.
  3. ability to quickly recognize the numbers dice, cards, wheels, etc., and determine the outcome of the game.
  4. able to communicate tactfully with guests, department heads and employees of the board to solve the problems.
  5. is able to stand for a longer time.
  6. Able to read, write and speak English clearly and plainly.
  7. All international applicants must have the ability to obtain a C1 / D1 visa (and other relevant visas) when applicable.
  8. must meet all physical requirements, including the ability to participate in life-saving emergency drills and training they need.

So if you are having fun, money, or just want to travel, this is a great job, all you have to do to find a rental agent in the country and apply to the dealer on a cruise ship in the cruise line's position. To find the Selection tool, say for example, Royal Caribbean you can look online at the scene, and then go to the contact recruitment agents in the country. Some companies can only absorb a certain time of year or at certain times, but it does not hurt to contact the rental agent or cruise line concerned in the meantime.

More information about the ship jobs be happy to look at a different spot on the post and the links to the various cruise lines.

I wish you all the success that hired in this position as a dealer on a cruise ship, I worked for 18 years on cruise ships and have seen most of the world as a merchant and loved all travel and meeting all the wonderful people .

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car rental Benefits

the many advantages of car rental, we need to know before

confirmation of what services the company provides car rental. The car company would provide the cars for rental purposes and luxury cars with driver pick and drop services.

So if you are traveling to a new city or country, you can choose from the various models available cars that meet your goals and budget and explore new places. Similarly, if it's a special occasion, like your wedding day or just need a reliable service to pick you up from home and drop you at the airport, you can call the car rental service and are happy to help you out.

Now & # 39; and take a peek at some of the benefits you get when you decide to rent a car.

  • First and foremost, hiring a car is going to keep you away from trouble waiting for a taxi, or looking for the right bus. If you hire the services of a rental car, you will have to witness comfort right time to land at the airport. The car will be waiting at the airport when you arrive at the delivery is complete.
  • car rental does not prove that expensive if you strike a good deal with them. You might think that getting a taxi or a bus to different places for a cheap way to travel around the city or the country. But you will not be if you have to go to a dozen locations; If you add all the fare you'll find with that either will cost the same or more. In addition, taxi or bus is very unpleasant, and this brings us to the next benefit.
  • Convenience is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a car service is. If you are traveling with parents or young children, it is much more convenient to travel in a car with a chauffer-driven or driven you. Thus, control the speed and kind of be your own boss. Many taxi drivers are very hard to turning on the air conditioner or sometimes do not turn off the terrible loud music to play in the car. Similarly, traveling in a bus is not easy, especially when trying to make a family vacation.
  • You will save a lot of time if you have your own car to travel. waiting for a cab or waiting for the bus on the right path helpful wasting hours of your time. If you would like to explore new places, it's best to leave the room early in the morning to visit the largest number of locations; it's not every day you get to travel to a new country.

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